About DentalXChange

By simplifying streamlined connectivity, we enable dental providers to focus on quality patient care for a better overall dental experience. DentalXChange.com will strive to be the most well renowned name in our industry by providing tools to meet our mission statement.

Our mission is to simplify business processes, increase productivity, enhance management and revenue cycles and allow focus on quality customer service and patient care by providing streamlined connectivity that integrates the needs of dental payers, patients and providers.

EDI-Health Group’s, DentalXChange.com, is a revolutionary and unique company with a clear mission to simplify streamlined connectivity that integrates the needs of our dental payers, patients and providers

Company Overview:

DentalXChange is the leading Dental EDI Clearinghouse. We provide cutting edge solutions to dental providers and offer a unique blend of connectivity and user-friendly technology designed to enhance revenue management for you and your practice.


DentalXChange is getting SOCIAL. We want to connect with your dental offices on a more personal level, offering you exclusive information, promotions and also explore ideas on how to better your practice. Share you stories, post comments and keep up with what’s going on here at DentalXChange with our new blog and Facebook page.


Endorsed by the California Dental Association for our electronic claims processing and our real-time transactions

DentalXChange was recognized by National Electronic Attachment (NEA) for its outstanding achievement in 2010.

Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) accredited and a National Dental EDI Council (NDEDIC) member.

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