DentalXChange is proud to announce the launch of the company’s new dental practice time sheet management program, DDS TimeManager. DDS TimeManager

Designed to help dental practices accurately manage employees’ work hours, DDS TimeManager was built to automate time sheets and help dental practices become more efficient. Practices that use the online tool will find benefit from the easy-to-use, time clock system, one-click time sheet approval process and detailed reports, allowing managers to better monitor labor distribution, according to Scott Wellwood, President of DentalXChange.

“Inaccuracies in employee reported work hours can cost employers thousands of dollars each year,” said Wellwood. “We set out to create a time sheet management program that would help dental practices automate their payrolls and put an end to these errors.”

DDS TimeManager features an online time clock system, allowing employees to clock in and out from their computer, or from one, established computer.  Employees can also view their weekly, monthly and yearly hours worked. Managers can view and edit employees’ daily work hours, as well as monitor sick and vacation hours. Managers can also approve and edit time sheets, enter holiday hours one time and apply it to all employees, and view detailed reports showing any errors that need correction.

“DDS TimeManager will save practice managers’ time, save on paper costs and reduce payroll inaccuracies to the benefit of both employers and their employees,” said Wellwood.

DDS TimeManager is currently available for purchase at or by calling 800-576-6412 ext. 455.

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We Left Our Hearts At CDA San Fransisco!

The CDA season is finally over and I can unequivocally say…

We had a blast!

CDA Crazy guy San Fran 13

We saw old friends, made new ones, met some colorful characters and introduced Snapper to the masses! And of course, presented people to the best EDI solutions in the dental industry!

We talked with Elizabeth Jones, Director of Sales and Retention about her experience at CDA San Fran.

CDA San Francisco was excellent,” said Jones “I couldn’t count how many times I heard, ‘Oh DentalXChange, yes we use you.’ or ‘DentalXChange! We have claims and patient statements what else do you have?’ I feel that we have made a big impact in California and for sure in the Industry.”

CDA Lizzy Bass Jenny San Fran 13

Snapper was a huge hit. People came from all over the Moscone Convention Center to get one. “They thought he was the cutest thing ever.  This one dental assistant said she’s going to use him as an example for children to ‘open wide just like Snapper’ would,” said Jones about Snapper.

Of course the best part of each CDA is continuing our relationships with our clients. “My favorite part of all conventions is visiting our partners and vendors. These are the people who help you grow,” Jones went on to say. “Our partnerships are priceless.”

We look forward to seeing everyone and meeting new people at each convention we attend. It’s a great time to connect with our partners, clients, and future friends. We are eagerly anticipating the ADA Convention in October, please come by and say Hi!

ADA- American Dental Association
October 31 – November 3, 2013
New Orleans, LA

For more information, please visit:

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